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Manual Ultrasonic Anti Bark Training Guide

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Product Description

Product information:

Product color: champagne gold, space gray
Product size: 93mm(L)*41mm(W)*31mm(H)
Product weight: about 32G
Product battery: four AAA alkaline dry batteries/AAA
Product material: ABS
Effective distance: 5 meters
Working principle: After installing the battery, press the ultrasonic transmitter button within the effective range to send out ultrasonic waves to correct the dog's behavior. One-key operation, simple to use and easy to operate.
Product Highlights:
One: It can be used for multiple dogs;
Two: Not only can prevent dogs from barking nuisance, but also can teach their uncivilized behaviors, such as: storming, biting, picking up garbage, drowning and so on.
Recommendations for use: When using this product to train dogs, it will be better to cooperate with the owner's verbal training.

This is a training device that corrects the uncivilized behavior of dogs by pressing the launch button to emit ultrasound. The ultrasound from the trainer will stimulate the dog and surprise the dog, thereby interrupting barking and preventing subsequent uncivilized behavior. Continuous use for a period of time will make the dog gradually improve its uncivilized behavior and develop a good habit of civilized travel.

Packing list:

Trainer *1